Landscapes & flora

NORD-DU-QUÉBEC. QC. CA Nightfall on the Broadback River Valley coated in blooming sheep laurel . ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. Canada Northern lights dancing over southern Québec sky. All rights reserved ©André Bhérer

SAGUENAY–LAC-SAINT-JEAN, QC. Canada Baie Éternité is often called one of the most majestic Bay of Québec, this one morning, it’s its details that caught my attention. All Rights Reserved ©André Bhérer

Réserve faunique Assinica, NORD-DU-QUÉBEC, QC.CA Populating the vast burns of northern Quebec sheep laurel carpets sometimes extends to the horizon. All Rights Reserved ©André Bhérer

Chimaltenango, Guatemala The smoking Fuego Volcano at dusk. All rights reserved ©André Bhérer

LAURENTIDES,QC.CA Nature's weir ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC.CA Daybreak in my ‟backyard” the Thirty-One Mile lake ©André Bhérer

KENT, NB.CA A storm is building up on the St. Lawrence gulf seen from New Brunswick Kouchibouguac national park. © André Bhérer

GLOUCESTER,NB.CA The small but picturesque Pokeshaw provincial park. © André Bhérer

ABITIBI-TÉMISCAMINGUE, QC.CA The mixed forest gives way to the verdant peat bogs and black spruce stands of the boreal forest in la Vérendrye wildlife reserve. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC.CA Snow dropping from the trees branches has temperatures warms up in pinewood. ©André Bhérer

LAURENTIDES, QC. CA The dried foliage of the young American beech leaves persisting in the winter. ©André Bhérer

PLAYA SANTA LUCIA, CAMAGÜEY, CUBA. Sunrise on Playa Santa Lucia. ©André Bhérer



BARACOA, GUANTANAMO, CUBA. View of El Yunque ( the anvil) from Baracoa. ©André Bherer

ST-THÉRÈSE-DE-LA-GATINEAU, QC, CA Finding yourself in a whiteout devoid (or almost) of markers on a large expanse like a large lake is a proper to winter event that offers a feeling of isolation that is difficult to reproduce in southern Québec. ©André Bhérer

ST-THÉRÈSE-DE-LA-GATINEAU, QC, CA A small treasure from the Gatineau Valley'' la chute rouge'' ©André Bhérer

FATHOM FIVE NATIONAL MARINE PARK,ON,CA Flowerpot island. ©André Bhérer

RÉSERVE FAUNIQUE LA VÉRENDRYE, QC, CA Rolland lake waterfalls ©André Bhérer

ST-THÉRÈSE-DE-LA-GATINEAU, QC, CA Early morning fog on a Québec swamp. ©André Bhérer

BRUCE PENINSULA NATIONAL PARK, ON, CA Sunsets over the turquoise water of the Georgian Bay in the Bruce Peninsula National park. ©André Bhérer

DÉLÉAGE, QC,CA Spring thaw create opportunities to photograph waterfalls and streams from new angles. ©André Bhérer

RÉSERVE FAUNIQUE ASSINICA, QC, CA Forest after the passage of an intense fire ©André Bhérer

LAURENTIDES, QC. CA Northern Lights seen from an island on the Thirty-One Mile lake. ©André Bherer

ST-THÉRÈSE-DE-LA-GATINEAU, QC, CA Spring rising sun on a still frozen Thirty-One Mile lake. © André Bhérer

ST-THÉRÈSE-DE-LA-GATINEAU, QC, CA A brief ray of light piercing through the clouds on a snow covered swamp. ©André Bhérer

VAL-D'OR, QC, CA Backlit cattail. ©André Bhérer

RÉSERVE FAUNIQUE ASSINICA, QC, CA Forest fires encircling a vast peat bog in the North of Québec région. ©André Bhérer

NOTRE-DAME-DE-PONTMAIN, QC, CA A rock and its resilient cedar painted with light during autumn northern lights over the Thirty-One Mile lake. ©André Bherer

VAL-D'OR, QC, CA Fireweed against the light. ©André Bhérer

PARENT, QC, CA Typical autumn landscape of yellow birch fir forest interspersed with tamarack igniting landscape. ©André Bhérer

BOUCHETTE,QC, CA Sunset on a frozen lake by a late cold day. ©André Bhérer

VALLÉE DE VINALES, PINAR DEL RIO, CUBA First ray of light on Viñales Valley. ©André Bhérer

TOPES DE COLLANTES NATURAL PARK, CIENFUEGOS, CUBA Natural pool near El Nicho fall. ©André Bhérer