OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA North America most powerful bird of prey the golden eagle is also one of the world's greatest winged hunters. It can dive at speeds of up to 240 km to catch its prey, which are usually small mammals, but it has also been known to prey on larger prey such as young deer and coyotes. Outside of migratory periods this timid raptor is rarely seen in Quebec. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Intimately related to aquatic environments, the bald eagle will primarily feed on fish when available. Opportunistic, he will sometimes steal the meal of osprey or other piscivorous birds. Sometimes a powerful predator, often a scavenger, his diet will consist mainly of dead mammal remains when the majority of the water bodies will have frozen during the cold season. With ardour he will defend his findings from the appetite of his relatives. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA American Bald Eagle showing its almost perfect symmetry in a gracious landing ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Come winter the fish are less accessible for Bald Eagles which turn to other food sources. The fight is sometimes fierce for their main menu the remains of white-tailed deer left by wolves and coyotes. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Bald eagle in a blizzard ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Great Grey Owl alongside a foggy Ottawa river. All rights reserved ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Great Grey Owl after an unsuccessful attempt to catch what appeared to be a field vole. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC.CA Every 4 or 5 years a decrease in micromammals in the boreal forest gives rise to winter irruption of northern owls in southern Quebec. The Great Gray Owl is then more frequently observed. This Great Gray Owl, our biggest representative of the Strigidae (Owls) was photographed hunting before sunrise. © André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC, CA Barred owls during courtship in a maple grove © André Bhérer

SAGUENAY-LAC-ST-JEAN, QC. Canada Here are 3 tips to help you identify the sex of a Snowy owl. 1. The extended white bib, the male will usually have a larger white bib than the female. 2. The color of the nape of the neck, mostly white in the male, dark in the female. 3. The barring of the tail, sometimes absent in the male or thin and rather broken while the female has complete or near complete bars and they are often wider. ©André Bhérer

OTTAWA & COUNTRYSIDE, ON, CA First light on a Snowy owl. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC, CA Snowy owl on a high perch waiting patiently for its next prey. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA This Red-shouldered hawk came to perched right over my head pushed a couple screams and then dove right at my camera . I wasnt welcomed in the sector and it made it clear for me. ©André Bhérer

GRAND PARQUE NATURAL MONTEMAR, MATANZAS, CUBA Cuban Bare-legged Owl hidden in a dead tree trunk cavity . ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. Canada One of the fastest birds in the world, the Peregrine Falcon leaves little chance for its prey. Here it is at the top of a large aspen tree after another successful hunt. All rights reserved ©André Bhérer