REPTILes, amphibians & more

LAURENTIDES, QC. CA Portrait of a Northern two-lined salamander basking in autumn colors. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS,QC.CA Face to face with a Common Snapping Turtle ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA A Common Snapping Turtle laying eggs ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA The Dark fishing spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus) commonly called the dock spider is the biggest spider found in the Québec province. Like in the picture the female lays her eggs in a spherical silk cocoon. She is very protective of her offspring and will carry it with her until hatching. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Argiope Aurantia ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Painted turtle desperately trying to get rid of leeches sucking on its neck ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Painted turtle catching its breath well hidden under a pad of water lily. ©André Bhérer

GRAN PARQUE NACIONAL SIERRA MAESTRA, GRANMA, CUBA Like the other anoles the Brown Anole can change color to better hide its presence. ©André Bhérer

ABITIBI-TÉMISACMINGUE, QC. CA Garter snake portrait. ©André Bhérer

LAURENTIDES, QC, CA Spring Peeper ©André Bhérer