Various BIRDS

NORD-DU-QUÉBEC, QC.CA The eastern population of Greater Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis tabida) continues to expand its wintering and breeding range to the north and east of North America. Here is one captured on its historic territories, the great peat bogs of the far west of Quebec. ©André Bhérer

ABITIBI-TÉMISCAMINGUE, QC.CA Among's the world oldest living birds, it is when hearing the resounding calls of the sandhill cranes, one could imagine the sounds of prehistoric fauna. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Common raven landing. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. Canada Common Raven braving the blizzard ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. Canada Common Raven signing the whiteness of winter. ©André Bhérer

NORD-DU-QUÉBEC, QC. CA With its flight similar to that of the bat or butterfly, the Common nighthawk has peculiarities unique to its family. Most active at dusk it likes open places to feed and nestled on the ground. Aerial insectivore it is one of the first animal to colonize a forest after the passage of fire right after the spruce beetle. ©André Bhérer

NORD-DU-QUÉBEC,QC.CA The common nighthawk loves open places such as those resulting from forest fires. When perched it usually position its body parallel to the branch or tree trunk to better hide its presence. ©André Bhérer

NORD-DU-QUÉBEC, QC. Canada The Red-breasted nuthatch builds its nest in a cavity where it will apply coniferous tree resin around the inside and outside of the entrance this would prevent potential predators or competitors from entering. In addition to using its bill to apply the resin it will also sometimes use pieces of bark, a beautiful example of the use of a tool by an animal. All rights reserved © André Bhérer

OTTAWA & COUNTRYSIDE, ON, CA The unmistakable male Northern Cardinal our only bird of this color with a crest. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. Canada As its name implies the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker feed primarily on the sap of trees. Has shown in this picture of a male at the nest the primary food during the nesting season will be insects occasionally coated with sap to feed its chicks. ©André Bhérer

ABITIBI-TÉMISCAMINGUE, QC.CA Despite its abundance it is rather uncommon to easily observe the Sora. This secretive bird spends most of its time in the thick vegetation of the marsh and wetlands. However this bird presence is betrayed by its mocking whinnings or his plaintive whistling. ©André Bhérer

ABITIBI-TÉMISCAMINGUE, QC.CA Common grackle ©André Bhérer

ABITIBI-TÉMISCAMINGUE, QC, CA Killdeer build their nest on the ground in open places they favor places with gravel where it blends perfectly with its environment ( remotely triggered camera). ©André Bhérer