OUTAOUAIS, QC. Canada At nightfall, the forest will be stormed by a common but rarely observed sciurid. The Southern flying squirrel is mainly nocturnal unlike its close cousins the squirrels and chipmunks. This rodent has the amazing ability to soar impressive distances. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC.CA Gray wolf on the prowl in a snowstorm. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC.CA North American river Otter ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. Canada A resting North American River Otter. All Rights Reserved ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Of a playful character the North Amercican River Otter is undoubtedly the mustelid that seems the most friendly to us . This one catches its breath after having caught a Pumpkinseed. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Northern river otters has poor eyesight but a great sense of smell. A quick change in wind direction made this ones wary of my presence. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC.CA North American porcupine in its shelter. ©André Bhérer

ABITIBI-TÉMISCAMINGUE, QC.CA Snowshoe hare in the haze of the frost escaping from the rising sun. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. CA Racoon ©André Bhérer

NORD-DU-QUÉBEC, QC.CA The red fox comes in a multitude of color mutations. Most of them are the result of selective breeding of captive individuals for fur farms. There are mainly 3 color morph of this species in nature: red, cross and silver. Silver foxes are essentially melanistic individuals with variations in coat colors ranging from full black to gray. ©André Bhérer

Québec, QC. Canada Red foxes are one of Canada’s most widespread mammals they are found in all provinces and territories All rights reserved ©André Bhérer

NORD-DU-QUÉBEC, QC.CA Cross fox pup. ©André Bhérer

RÉSERVE FAUNIQUE ASSINICA, QC, CA A curious Red fox. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC.CA As with the American river otter, the North American beaver adopts more diurnal habits in the spring. As the season progresses he will resume his twilight and night routine. ©André Bhérer

OTTAWA & COUNTRYSIDE, ON. CA North American beaver portrait on a winter day. ©André Bhérer

NORD-DU-QUÉBEC, QC, CA Young black bear reveling in blueberries. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC. Canada '' The awakening'' Black bear in its den in mid-March. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC.CA Deer mouse hanging on a purple-flowered raspberry plant to taste its fruits. ©André Bhérer

EGAN-SUD, QC, CA Eastern chipmunk peeking its nose out of his hide. ©André Bhérer

OUTAOUAIS, QC.CA Foraging American mink ready to dive back into the water ©André Bhérer

El Petén, Guatemala Under the canopy of the second largest tropical rainforest in the America’s, the Maya Biosphere Reserve. A Yucatan spider monkey travel through its web. © André Bhérer